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*Eligibility - The rates below are for full-time employment. If you are part-time your rates will be pro-rated. If you are employed less than 50% you are not eligible for Health or Dental benefits.

Family Coverage:


Single +1 Coverage:


Single Coverage: 


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Forms and Plan Documents

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Benefits Summary

Create an account on to view your in-network coverage, find the VSP network doctor who’s right for you, and discover savings with exclusive member extras. At your appointment, just tell them you have VSP.

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Hearing Aid Discount

Like vision loss, hearing loss can have a huge impact on your quality of life. However, the cost of a pair of quality hearing aids usually costs more than $5,000, and few people have hearing aid insurance coverage.

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Certificate of Coverage

Effective Date: JULY 1, 2019

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Primary Eye Care

VSP puts our members first and guarantees your satisfaction. As the only national not-for-profit vision care company, we reinvest in the things you value most—like protecting your eyes with medical and urgent eye care services available through the VSP Primary EyeCare Plan.

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Enrollment Form

Clients: This form provided for your internal use only. Please do not return to VSP. Thank you.

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Member Extras

Big Value. More Savings with VSP® Vision Care. With Exclusive Member Extras, savings never looked so good. We put our members first by providing exclusive special offers from VSP and leading industry brands, totaling more than $2,500 in savings.